Char Magnifico - Female BoxerYou Got Beat By A Girl.”  For some men, the words are an embarrassing and devastating blow to their pride.  For others, they are a sign of a woman’s perseverance and determination to overcome any obstacle.  And then there those who are sexually turned on by the very thought.

Louis and Char Magnifico – known on TV and their radio show as The Traveling Twosome  and known all around from performing in their band, Vintage –  have come across all these responses and more over the past several years. In the wrestling ring, during arm wrestling competitions, and even in numerous “Battle of the Sexes” games and events, Char Magnifico has dominated her husband, Louis (as well as a few other guys) over and over with her astonishing displays of what she refers to as “Girl Power.”  It started when the couple  was trained by pro wrestlers and stepped in the ring against each other in a televised mixed wrestling match during the 2010 SummerSlam event in a Little Rock, Arkansas arena.  Char dominated the match, winning easily in what would be the first (but certainly not the last) wrestling match between the two.  In the years since, Louis has “suffered” healthy humiliation in various competitions against Char and the couple has been overwhelmed by the positive responses from their fans.

So much so that they wrote a book about it.

You see, Louis and Char might be fierce competitors and opponents in the ring and during other Battle of the Sexes events… but behind the scenes, they are enjoying every moment.  They have discovered that one of the most important keys to a healthy, happy, fulfilling, passionate, and sexy marriage is to be each other’s best friend!  And that means playing together!  Competition is a natural component of play for many people – including Louis and Char – so the progression through their numerous Battle of the Sexes events was no surprise.  In fact, their marriage was enriched not just by the play itself but also by the very fact that Char winning these matches was a turn on to both of them!

So naturally, they wrote a book about their many fun and playful (although often times intense and physical) competitions and how “being beaten by a girl” could provide an amazing spark in the bedroom!  The book sold so well that they decided to take it a step further… and turn it into a documentary and a series of shorter videos.

You Got Beat By A Girl  is in production now and is scheduled to be released sometime in 2018. On this website, you can learn how you can get involved in the production, learn about its release updates, buy the eBook that the film is based upon, and more!  Keep checking back as we’ll be updating this site throughout the production and after its release.

How to Beat a Man at Arm Wrestling follows Char as she meets a couple and asks them to arm wrestle each other.  The man wins the match – as is expected – but Char steps in on behalf of the woman to get some revenge and she dominates him in her match.  Char then trains the woman how to use arm wrestling techniques to her advantage then unleashes the woman to take on her boyfriend in a rematch.  And this time, the outcome is quite different.  This film will teach women how to beat their boyfriends and husbands in arm wrestling competitions every time.