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You Got Beat by a GirlYou Got Beat By A Girl, by Louis and Char Magnifico, is now available on Apple’s iBooks Bookstore and on Amazon’s Kindle Store.

This fascinating eBook discusses the many Battle of the Sexes competitions between Louis and Char Magnifico: everything from our mixed wrestling and arm wrestling matches to intellectual challenges and fun games.  The psychology and sociological views of the male being beaten by the female is discussed at length as is the relationship aspects of female dominance (and how this fantasy can be the makings for a very exciting marriage!)

Why do so many men find Girl Power so attractive?  Why are men embarrassed when they lose a match or competition to a girl?  This book is filled with many pages of full color pictures of Louis and Char in competitive action including two photo galleries!

Over 65 pages of fun and excitement await in You Got Beat by a Girl by The Traveling Twosome!

This is a book we were asked to write by our fans who were intrigued by our numerous Battle of the Sexes competitions we’ve showcased on our Roku TV Channel and website.

The book is AVAILABLE NOW as an eBook for iBooks and Kindle.  Just click below to go straight to the Apple iBooks or Amazon Kindle store to download your copy of You Got Beat By A Girl!

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